Top Five Best Miter Saws on The Market Today

In a Rush?


DeWalt DHS790AT2

If you’re interested in miter saws because you have a project ahead that requires one to be completed successfully, then you need to know a few things about these tools before proceeding with buying one. You can use a miter saw for a wide variety of jobs for a wide variety of jobs, including cutting window trims and two by fours.

Choosing The Right One

If you read the reviews, then you already know that there are multiple types of miters you can get. For instance, the basic power miter is great if you want to make angled cuts. Most of the times you will get to use them in order to trim studs or projects where ninety degree cuts are less required.

Another type is the compound power miter saw which can be adjusted for both bevel and miter cuts. Using one, you’ll be able to make bevel cuts in a single direction (right or left), but there are also models that can pivot in both directions, therefore increasing flexibility.

The third type of miter saws are the sliding compound model which are the most versatile of the bunch. The blade and the motor are mounted on a flexible arm that’s designed for accommodating bigger wood pieces, but they can also be used on smaller pieces. Don’t forget to carefully check the blade size before you buy a miter saw (they generally come in sizes of eight, ten and twelve inches). The bigger the blade, the longer the cut it can make. Lastly, if you don’t want to be worried about power outlets, get a cordless miter saw.

Our Top 5 Picks

There aren’t a lot of cordless miter saws on the market yet.

While there are a number of companies who build miter saws and a number of them build cordless tools, this is one of the newest categories of cordless tools. The power requirements for these saws is so much higher than a cordless drill/driver, that development of these tools has been slow.

1. Dewalt DW717 Double-Bevel


If you know a bit about the power tools industry like the tools you can find on this page:, then you know very well that Dewalt is one of the most respected names in the business. They are very well known for making amazing power tools, including drills, saws and so forth.

The new DW 717 is a very impressive miter saw that comes with a fifteen amp motor that produces thirty eight hundred RPMs, making it a very good choice for people who want a lot of power especially for those difficult projects they need to consider at home or at work.

The DW 717 is very durable, so you don’t have to worry about it giving up on you anytime soon. Featuring a large blade and work platform design, the DW 717 can cut up to two inches by ten inches straight on at ninety degrees or a two by eight inch board, while the saw blade is set at a forty five degree angle.

If you want to cut at angles of up to forty eight degrees, then you’ll be happy to know that the DW 717 features a dual bevel system, allowing the blade to pivot right and left with positive stops at 0, 33.9, forty five degrees and forty eight degrees, too. Weight wise, this little bad boy weighs forty four pounds, so you can easily transport it from one place to another without needing a pickup truck.


With each tool you buy there is going to be something bad people have to say about it. In this case, some felt that the DW 717 is not built very well. Others though, were disappointed that it didn’t have a soft start feature.

2. Bosch GCM12SD 120-Volt 12-Inch


If you’re looking for a single bevel miter saw, then this fifteen amp tool that delivers 3800 RPMs is the perfect choice and the good news is that it can also handle a large variety of materials. If you’re all for accurate cuts, then you’ll be surprised about what the compact Axial Glyde System can do for you. Aligning your materials is also very easy thanks to the Squarelock quick release fences.

These are aligned at ninety degree angles to the saw’s table and what is great about them is that you don’t have to make any adjustments. Using a one touch unlocklock feature, you can slide each fence into position faster than ever in order to accurately align your materials. Weighting just sixty-five pounds, you’ll have no trouble using this miter saw no matter if you need to take it with you on various work sites. The grip is very good and that is because it uses a soft grip for improving comfort, but what truly makes it stand apart from all other models is its ambidextrous design.

No matter if you’re left handed or right handed, you’ll be able to use the GCM12 seamlessly. If you don’t like dust to veil your entire workplace (who does?), then have no worries, since Bosch has taken care of this, fitting the GCM12 with a combination of vacuum adaptor and dust chute to keep your work environment as clean as possible. Lastly, the GCM12 is also backed by a one year warranty.


What some users found to be a bit on the downside with the GCM12 is the fact that its detents are made of some type of hard rubber or plastic. This means that setting the saw in the detents may cause a little play.

3. Hitachi C12FDH 15 Amp 12-Inch


Precision is something that a lot of people strive for achieving, but that’s not going to be a problem anymore thanks to the laser marker system fitted by Hitachi on their C12FDH miter saw.

Using it, you’ll know exactly where the cut is going to be made, allowing you to get more accurate and amazing results regardless of the project you consider it for. Even better, you can even have the laser adjusted to the right or left of the cut mark. As a result, you can also factor the blade width into the cut so that the board is cut exactly to your expectations.

Featuring a fifteen amp motor that is capable of four thousand RPMs, there’s no question that you can use the C12FDH for those hardcore projects you sometimes need to consider. In terms of positive stops, they’re available at 0, fifteen, 22,5, 31,6 and forty-five degrees with a maximum cut of fifty-two degrees both right and left.


One word of advice from someone that owned the saw is that he claimed the C12FDH failed on him (the right and left fence both sheared off).

4. Skil 3821-01 Miter Saw


This is yet another miter saw that features a laser cutting line, but this time not only does it have the same powerful fifteen amp motor, but its RPMs are increased to forty-five hundred.

The 3821-01 is capable of cutting at a maximum angle of forty-seven degrees and it’s capable of both right and left bevel cuts. As for the positive stops, they are set at 0, fifteen 22,5, 31,6 and forty-five degrees.
But what makes this model special is the fact that it’s also improved with tabletop extension rails on each side, making it the perfect choice for people who want to use it for projects around the house.

5. Makita LS1040 10-Inch


People who don’t want to bother using heavy miter saws are going to flock at the Makita LS1040 and that is because weighing just twenty-seven point three pounds, it’s undoubtedly the lightest miter saw money can buy and that’s all thanks to its all-aluminum base. However, that should not make you think that when it comes to power, the LS1040 is lacking.

On contrary, it’s fitted with a fifteen amp motor that is capable of rotating at forty-five hundred RPMs, allowing you to easily cut through many wood types. Using the LS1040 you can make bevel cuts up to forty-five degrees to the left. On top of that, those who need to make very complex miter angle cuts will be very happy to know this model comes with a dual post compound pivoting arm that makes this possible.

When it comes to the positive stops at the right and left, they are set at 0, fifteen, 22,5, thirty and forty-five degrees with a maximum cut of fifty-two degrees on the right and forty-five degrees on the left.


A few individuals that used the LS1040 said that it has a bit of play when moving it into the forty-five-degree notches.

Our Overall Winner

DeWalt DHS790AT2

Since I need to do a lot of cutting every day and I don’t want to carry a heavy tool everywhere with me, it was very simple to lean over to the LS1040 from Makita.

This saw has an amazingly powerful motor which allows me to make very precise cuts without getting exhausted. Most of my clients who have miter saws were actually impressed with the accuracy and angled cuts this bad boy can deliver and even complimented me on selecting a Makita.

I guess that’s something you get to hear when you use a high quality tool that delivers results beyond the expectations of your clients. For me though, this is only one of the reasons to why I use and will always use the Makita LS1040.

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